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Community Ophthalmology
Much of the medical facilities in India and Eye Doctors are concentrated in urban conglomerates. This has cost a substantial imbalance in meeting the needs of the rural population.
Our community health service reaches out to the population outside the city of Bangalore and the rural districts of Kolar, Chickaballapur and surrounding areas. Being situated in Hoskote, we are well positioned to reach several of these rural areas. We are now well established tertiary institution and able to provide sophisticated services to meet the needs of vision care in these areas. Our Community Ophthalmology services carries out the following activities:
»  School Screening programs
»  Eye Screening camps in association with the Rotary and other institutions run by well known NGOs
»  Cataract Screening Camps
»  Cataract surgeries – Patients are identified, transported, provided housing and food and free cataract surgeries and
     IOL implantation is carried out.
»  Diabetic awareness camps
»  Diabetic Retinopathy Screening and awareness camps
»  Diabetic Retinopathy Diagnosis
»  Evaluation and treatment including laser therapy
Vision care Specialty (Eye Care Excellence):
OPD Unit:
We run a modern out-patient department with all latest diagnostic and clinical examination facilities. The OPD is manned by experienced Ophthalmologists and Optometrists carrying out a wide range of work from routine refraction to sophisticated fundus examination, Fluorescein Angiography and laser treatment. The OPD functions six days a week and provides the following services:
• Refraction of the eye
• Cataract Management
• Vetrio Retinal and Uvea clinic
• Glaucoma clinic
• Cornea clinic
• Pediatric Ophthalmology
• Ocular plasty
Our consultants use the Slit Lamp, Keratometer, Applanation Tonometer and Indirect Ophthalmoscope for their clinical work. The Retina Department has AB Scan, Fundus Camera, Fluorescein Angiography and Laser Photocoagulator. The Glaucoma Clinic has computerized field analyzer and Tonometry. The Cornea Clinic is equipped with Topography Unit and other instruments.
Majority of the patients who walk into the OPD Unit are from the Hoskote area and also surrounding villages. Currently, we treat over 80% of the patients in the OPD unit, free of charge.
Surgical Unit:
Our hospital has 2 operation theaters both are equipped with Operating Microscopes, Phaco machines, Vitrectomy machines and other instruments. Each operating theater has two tables making it possible for multiple surgeries to be done simultaneously. On an average we perform over 10-15 Cataract Surgeries each day and this was a key surgical activity in the earlier days. The batches of patients screened in the camps are transported to the hospital and provided with food and lodging before and after the surgery. In the financial year 2009 - 2010 a total number of 5111 surgeries were performed at the GEF hospital. This mainly included cataract extraction and IOL implantation using the Phaco technique (stitchless cataract surgeries)
Cataract is most common cause for avoidable blindness. This is treated with surgery, which involves removal of cataract with a small wound and replace it with intra ocular lens. There are two methods;
•  Manual Small Incision - Cataract Surgery (SICS)
•  Phaco emulsification
Globe Eye Fountationh Cataract       Globe Eye Fountationh Cataract
GEF Eye Hospital has the credit for improving and perfecting the technique of SICS and it has been imparting training to the young doctors from India and abroad since 1999. Phaco emulsification is the technique where an ultrasonic probe is passed in the eye through small wound and the cataract is broken in to small pieces and sucked out of the eye. In both the techniques foldable Intra Ocular Lens, multifocal Intra Ocular Lens or rigid Intra Ocular Lens are implanted. This facility is available in GEF Eye Hospital and is offered to the patients at an affordable cost.
Globe Eye Fountationh Cataract       Globe Eye Fountationh Cataract

Glaucoma is a complex disease where the optic nerve of the eye gets damaged slowly to leave the person blind over a period of time. This blindness is not reversible so it is very important to diagnose and treat this condition well in advance to slow down the disease process through medication and surgery.
Globe Eye Fountationh Cataract       Globe Eye Fountationh Cataract
Glaucoma is not curable but by treating it promptly and continuously the person will be able to maintain good vision throughout his life. The investigations include detailed slit lamp examination, intra ocular pressure, Gonioscope; optic nerve examination (fundus scope, photography and OCT) automated Perimetry. The surgical treatment facility is also available along with medical treatment in our hospital.
Globe Eye Fountationh Cataract       Globe Eye Fountationh Cataract

Globe Eye Fountationh Cataract       Globe Eye Fountationh Cataract
The retina (nerve layer) suffers from different or varied types of diseases which can be diagnosed by examination of retina through 90 D, direct ophthalmoscope, indirect ophthalmoscope. These examinations are further supported by fundus camera, B scan, OCT (photography & FFA). The most common systemic disease that effects the eye is diabetes. The retina affection caused by diabetes is called diabetic retinopathy. It is very important to diagnose and treat diabetic retinopathy on time to prevent the person from going blind.
Globe Eye Fountationh Cataract       Globe Eye Fountationh Cataract
The treatment is done through laser, intra vitreal injections (AVASTIN, LUCENTIS), and Vitreo-retinal surgery. Both the investigations & treatment facilities are available at out hospital.

The Cornea-transparent part of the outer court of the eye, suffers from ailments, infections & injuries, some of them even after treatment leave behind a scar, which causes severe visual morbidity. This corneal blindness needs to be treated with corneal grafting. GEF has started the eye collection and cornea grafting centre to address this problem. We are looking forward to make this department Active and Useful to the community.
Globe Eye Fountationh Cataract       Globe Eye Fountationh Cataract

Globe Eye Fountationh Cataract       Globe Eye Fountationh Cataract
Refractive error, squint, amblyopia (lazy eye) need to be detected at early age to prevent permanent damage to the vision. GEF has the facility to examine, diagnose and treat this problem in child.
Globe Eye Fountationh Cataract       Globe Eye Fountationh Cataract

The main objective of GEF has been to take the quality eye care services to the remote place and to the poorest of poor. In this direction GEF has drawn a elaborate plan in its area of activity (Kolar, Chikballapur, Bangalore Rural & Urban in the state of Karnataka ) to cover most of the areas otherwise uncovered. In collaboration with National Programme for Control of Blindness (NPCB), ROTARY, HELP AGE INDIA, and RAMA KRISHNA MISSION. GEF conducts more than 20 out reach programmes in a month.
Globe Eye Fountationh Cataract
Globe Eye Fountationh Cataract       Globe Eye Fountationh Cataract
The out reach programmes involves organizing screening campus for all the avoidable blinding diseases ( Cataract, Glaucoma, Refractive Error, Diabetic Retinopathy ) in the designated areas for treating them, those patients requiring surgery or treatment in the hospital are brought to the hospital by the hospital vehicle and treated. Their transport, food, treatment and follow up is given free of cost.
Globe Eye Fountationh Cataract       Globe Eye Fountationh Cataract
GEF also has screening programme for the employees of factories, corporate office and school children. Eye Health Education Awareness programme like lectures, trainings, workshops and active participation in the programme like world sight day.

GEF is running diploma course in ophthalmic technology (DOT) which is registered by state paramedical board, GEF is providing training to young ophthalmologists through its six months fellowship course in general ophthalmology and small incision cataract surgery. GEF is giving short term training to the selected candidates in SICS and phaco emulsification.
Globe Eye Fountationh Cataract       Globe Eye Fountationh Cataract
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