Globe Eye Foundation
Globe Eye Foundation
GEF Eye Hospital is a charitable institution and non-governmental organization. This activity is not possible without Supporters, Collaborators, Philanthropists and well meaning Donors.
There are many organizations which have literally donated to the cause of Eye Care and let their support to GEF over the years. We would like to acknowledge their contributions by mentioning their names on the stage.
 1. Dept. of Ophthalmology, Ministry of Health, G.O.I
Have given a grant towards setting up the hospital building and infrastructure.
 2. Rotary International
Globe Eye
 3. Rotary Bangalore, Indiranagar
Rotary Bangalore, Indiranagar has been a close associate as a donor and supporter in several activities since the year 19XX. They have assisted GEF in setting up a Diabetic Retinopathy Center with the donation of the Laser Photo coagulator and also provided several ophthalmic equipments for our hospital. They also have supported regular screening camps, cataract surgeries and other community oriented services.
 4. Rotary Koramangala
 5. Rotary Whitefield
 6. Rotary IT Corridor
 7. Lions Club, Bangalore
Lions Club of Bangalore has supported cataract surgeries extensively.
 8. Later Day Saints
Later Day Saints has donated equipments
 9. Help Age India
 10. Ramakrishna Math
 11. District Blindness Control Society
District Blindness Control Society of the Govt. of India has extended subsidy for carrying out cataract surgeries.
 12. C P Bothra Trust (CPBT)
The CPBT is a charitable trust with the main objective of providing medical aid and facilities to the society in an accessible, effective and affordable manner. They started in a humble way with a medical centre at Jaibharathinagar, Bangalore which has grown now to support over 20,000 patients in that area. Recently on 3rd October 2010, a new, modern building for the CPBT charitable Medical centre was inaugurated which also has an eye care section.
In July 2009, the CPBT and the GEF agreed to work together towards the goal of providing the best of eye care services to the community. The hospital at Hoskote was subsequently named as the GEF Eye Hospital and Bothra Institute of Community Ophthalmology.
 13. Individuals and other Organisations
In addition, a large number of individuals and other organizations have given their contributions large and small, which over a period of time continue to give us valuable support and encouragement.
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